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Nighttime Vigilante

Be careful what you ask for – God just might give it to you.

I have this friend. Let’s call her Mary Catherine*. That sounds spiritual, though a tad bit nunnish. I promise, she’s Baptist. Anyway, she has told me about many times, at night, God wakes her up to pray for people. She cannot get back to sleep until she has gone through her list. Her heart for prayer, and the people she prays for is amazing and beautiful.

Anyway – like I do, whenever other people tell me about things that I think are awesome, I wish that I could do the same thing.

“God,” I whined. “Why don’t you wake me up in the middle of the night to pray for people?”

Side note: you know how we joke about if pray for patience, God puts you in situations where you must exercise patience? Like traffic jams, for instance. Those are the results of people praying for things they don’t actually want. Please, really, stop. ^_^

Anyway, God takes requests like that to heart – and He has this way of giving us what we ask for (you know, when it’s what’s best for us – and I bet God doesn’t say no to those who want to be closer to Him!)

Last night, at 3:30 am, I woke with a clear image of who and what I needed to pray for. Details aren’t needed – there were just some specific people, and a very specific country of the world. And you know that I was wide awake for at least an hour, praying for that.

After that hour, I just fell back into the dreamless sleep I had previously enjoyed.

I’m a bit tired today, but you know what? It’s really not that bad – a little bit of droopy eyes is totally worth communion with God.

It’s funny how that ends up being such a joy.



*all names changed to protect the innocent. And the guilty.

Rain, rain, go away

It’s been super rainy, making the entire country fall under a flood warning. We considered cancelling going out to villages tonight, but found out that the roads we would be traveling would be clear, so we’ll be heading out shortly.

Be in prayer that God would protect the people from the flooding – we’ve already heard that flooding has been bad in some nearby areas, actually killing one person in a valley village.

Thousand Friends Update, July 26

Ok, so at this point, we’ve been going to the Thousand Friends village for more than three months. During that time, we have watched it grow.

On our first few weeks there, we only had a few kids. I got excited the week that we first had ten kids. Then, we had a few volunteers who were here from the summer come out with us. They took over the teaching – we teach English using a Bible story. We’ve been going through Creation to Christ, and have passed the part where Christ enters the world.

Each week as we tell the stories, we go through it in English and Thai. Then, we choose about 15 vocabulary words from the story, and review them together. Then, we act out the story. Every week, I have no end of volunteers who want to play the part of Jesus! 🙂

We end with a few games, which is fun. They are hard to beat at Simon Says. Red Rover actually works. Elbow tag leaves us all sweaty and giggly. We have great relationships with the kids – they love it when we come.

The past few weeks, since we’ve had a few volunteers joining us, I’ve had the chance to go out and talk to a few of the women in the village. One is very interested in meeting together – not sure where we stand with that right now. She has to work often, and doesn’t have a lot of time. However, we have had time to sit in her house for several weeks, and just chit-chat about life – our families, our work, etc. It’s been really fun, and the good thing about conversations like that is that it shows me that my Thai doesn’t suck as bad as I feel it does.

I’m getting better, really!

As far as 1000 friends village goes, we’re going to keep going and keep teaching. The kids are interested, and we are approaching the point where we’ll be asking the major question –

do you believe?

I don’t know what the answer will be then, but I’m waiting with bated breath for sure.

Back to 1,000 Friends

So I’ve either had way too much to blog about, or not enough lately. The problem has been that I’ve either had way too many words jumbled about in my head, or none.

Either one is problematic for blogging.

I owe more than one blog post. In the past month, I was part of a traditional Buddhist wedding. I’ve gone to 1,000 friends village several times. My friend Esther has gotten a job that means she can’t go on Tuesday nights. I’ve revisited my strategy for telling the kids about Jesus.

All that could have probably been detailed in a long series of blog posts. Instead, I kept some silence.

Sorry guys.

But now, I’ll break that.

So last week, all of our Thai national partners weren’t able to go out to the villages. They were either sick, or unavailable. So we made the tough call not to go. It was sad, but it was what we had to do.

Last night, when we went back to the villages, the kids greeted us.

“Where were you last week? We waited for you! We sat and waited for a long time, but you never came. We wondered if we had missed you.”

My heart broke. We have people who are open to us coming and teaching them, and studying together, and we weren’t faithful. I let the fact that my language isn’t the best keep me from going. It would have been hilarious had I gone by myself (cause the kids would have been like whattheheckisthecrazyladysaying), but it would have been so fun. We let other things that weren’t that amazing keep us from the work that God brought us here to do. Wait, no, let me put it this way.

I let other things (ie, insecurities, doubts, etc) keep me from doing what God called me to do.

Needless to say, I don’t think that will happen again.

Back to last night.

Esther got a job last week working for a travel agent, I think. She works all day, until 5pm. That wouldn’t be a big deal except for the fact that we have to leave at 4 – it takes us two hours to get out to the villages and studying. Another one of my Thai friends came with me. Her name is Mint, and she helped with translation and telling the story.

Mint is holding out on us. She’s super sweet, and shy. Very quiet. But she is amazing. She translated my story with ease and grace, and was great with the kids.

So we had about 10 kids last night to hear the story. We told them about Noah and the Ark, and how God gave the promise never to flood the earth again. After we told the story the first time, we acted it out.

One of the kids played Noah, one was the Ark. As usual, one volunteered to be God.

We acted it out, giggling the entire time. It was so fun, and each of them told us about seeing a rainbow before – God’s promise in the sky.

As we left, they told us that we have to come every Tuesday night. “We miss you when you don’t come,” they said. “You are welcome to come meet here anytime you want.” Esther’s aunt has offered her house to us at anytime.

So I piped right up. “What if we come on Saturday July 11, and spend a long time with you? I have plans already for most Saturdays, but I can come that day.”

They grinned. “Yes, please come!”

So now, I’ll be planning an event for that day – not sure yet how long that will be, but I am pretty stoked about it.

Mint and I debriefed in the car about it. She was incredulous. “I’ve never seen anything like that,” she said. “They are so open to the gospel! They want to hear the stories. They listen to you, and obey what you say. It’s amazing!”

So we’ve talked about the vision that we have for this place – we’re all super excited about what God is doing at 1000 friends village.

Don’t forget – you guys are just as much a part of the work at 1,000 friends village as I am. You’re the invisible warriors, fighting epic battles on your knees on behalf of these lovely people.

Here’s some ways you can fight (pray):

  1. Pray that we’ll have national partners to go with us. While it sounds like an excuse, if just the foreigners go and teach, the kids are confused cause our Thai isn’t that good. It’s getting better. School is about to start, and since many of our partners are college students, their schedules are about to get busy.
  2. Pray that we continue to meet over the next month. I’m going to be travelling through three other countries in the next month, and the studies need to continue. Pray that others will be able to fill the place where I normally go.
  3. Pray for the people – that their hearts will be more open to God every day.


I worked from home today, uploading files for some friends in the states to be able to use. That meant that I was tucked away in my apartment, away from people, plugging away at the task I had going….

By the time evening came, I was pretty desperate for some company. A few of the other journeygirls and I decided to go out for dinner and to a movie – Gnomio and Juliet. We had a nice dinner, then settled in for the movie. There was almost no one in the theater – maybe 20 of us in all. We were the only people in our row – and for the row in front of and behind us as well.

The movie had to be almost done, when our seats started swaying. Me and T looked at each other – it felt as though someone was trying to pass on the seats behind to get to their seat, and were bumping into our seats, making us sway.

But there was no one there.

We pulled off our 3D glasses and started at each other, uncertain of what to do. One man jumped out of his seat and sprinted to the emergency exit, which he couldn’t get open. He then ran back to the main door, and was so out of there. Most of the other people left – we were still sitting, uncertain of what to do. I mean, the movie was still playing.

We were still swaying, though.

K, one of the journeygirls looked at us. “Just in case,” she said. “I love you guys.” At that time, the place stopped swaying. It stopped for a moment, then started again – but didn’t last long.

Through it all, the movie kept playing.

After a moment, a guy opened a small window from the projector room and yelled “earthquake!” As he did, he shut off the movie. It was strange as we walked out of the theater – no one seemed to be fazed. Everyone was calm. Vendors were packing up, and the mall-goers were heading out. It felt freakishly – normal, actually. We were told that our tickets would be honored if we came back later with them, and we could finish the movie.

When I got back to the House of Jackfruit center, where I live on the 3rd floor, there were a bunch of people there. When I asked if they had felt the earthquake, one was like “Oh that little thing? Yeah. But no big deal.”

I dunno. I can’t say it was no big deal. I can’t even describe the sick, sinking feeling of the sway. Feeling petrified, uncertain if it would be smarter to run for it, or hang out in the theater. Wracking my brain for any useless information I might have picked up during your life on what to do in this situation.

Or even, what was the last thing I said to a particular person.

It’s truly remarkable what the brain can handle in a situation like this.

Tonight, an earthquake hit Myanmar. In my city, we felt the effects of it – they were felt as far down south as Bangkok, which is pretty insane. It’s going to be crazy in the next few days as the damage is assessed. The area affected doesn’t really have a lot of cities. We’re looking at it affecting more small villages. I’ve heard of one death on the border – an older woman who was killed when a wall collapsed.

Definitely PRAY for Myanmar. PRAY for northern Thailand. PRAY for folks affected by the earthquake. PRAY for those for whom it was a lot more than a moment of terror. PRAY for people who live their lives in fear of spirits, who may attribute this to being from a supernatural demonic power. PRAY that people will get their needs met – not just the physical, but their spiritual most of all. PRAY for those who are Christians, who may not have the same community as non-believers to help them recover.

It’s simple – just PRAY.