Introducing Vol. 4

There’s a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from reading a multi-volume story. Each book finishes an element of the story; a part of the whole, yet on it’s own, enough of a story to stand alone and warrant it’s own telling.

I remember reading as a child, the ending of the Two Towers, wondering HOW Frodo and Sam could possibly escape Shelob. I read of Harry Potter; wondering what could come of the aftermath of the Triwizard tournament. Chronicles of Narnia, the list goes on! – countless multi-volume sets have fascinated me for years. As fascinating as each individual book is, one must finish it, close the cover, and pick up the next volume to complete the story.

I’ve always viewed life as being that way. Each volume – or era, if you will – leads to another. Childhood is an era. College; learning to live as an adult is it’s own era. Each one must be lived out, then come to an end for one to enter the next era. Sometimes these endings are distinct, other times they simply fade into the next era. It is bittersweet to see an end; an irreversible change that marks the movement to another epoch of life.

I’ve distinctly seen multiple eras in my life: childhood/teenagerdom, college and the two years of work following, and then my time overseas, spanning the past six and a half years. Each season has formed and shaped me and the person that I am today. My view of the world is bigger and broader than it has ever been. I’ve held the hands of both pimps and prostitutes. I’ve learned another language; another culture. I’ve been challenged to look at the world with the simple pleasure of an illiterate island farmer, and with the hope and idealism of a big-city university student. I’ve seen God work miracles in hearts and lives. I carry a passport full of stamps and a heart overflowing with joy.

However, as bittersweet as it is, the time has come for that era to end.

At the end of April, I will be transitioning back to the United States. I will be landing in Southern Maryland for a short time with family, then I will be cross-country trippin’ and end up in Oceanside, California where I will settle (for the time being).

God is working some big things in my life, and I am excited to see what He holds for my future. I think (I know) that a sparkly ring, a question on one knee, and a really pretty dress are in my near future (stay tuned!). I have big things on my heart; some things that truly only God can do. The past year has been one of God re-directing the places where I thought I would go.

I do ask for prayers as I go through this transition. I am full of excitement and – I’ll admit, some trepidation – as I prepare for this big transition. I am excited as I am coming to the last pages – or days – of volume 3 of my life about to move on to volume 4.