Thai green curry recipe (THM S meal)

Let’s talk about curry. If you’ve ever had curry, you know that wonderful sensation of spices punching your taste buds and throwing a hard-core dance party in your mouth. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret here….

Curry is super easy to make. 

In the old days, curry paste was made from peppers, spices, and other goodies thrown into a mortar and pounded by a pestle for literal hours. Now, with powerful blenders, you can have a perfect curry paste in minutes.

However, most folks don’t make curry paste anymore – you can buy curry paste for super cheap. I get mine at the local supermarket, Big C, for 14 baht (roughly 50 cents) for a packet.

I’ve been cooking at lot more – in fact, now, I may only eat out once or twice a week, and most of the time when I do, I think man, I have some really good food in my fridge right now that I wish I was eating. I happen to really like my cooking, and cooking is one of my favorite activities. However, I LOVE me some Thai food, and don’t wanna lose out on getting to eat Thai food. I’m also trying to completely eliminate sugar and other stuff like MSG from my diet, so I have been experimenting with a lot of Thai recipes.

Anyway.  I’m gonna walk you through step by step how I make green curry, and just how easy it is to make.

First, you’re gonna mix the packet of curry paste with however much coconut milk your recipe calls for. My recipe called for one cup of coconut milk.


Next, you’re gonna cut chicken into small pieces. You’ll put the chicken into the curry paste/coconut mixture to cook.



While the chicken is cooking, you’ll want to prepare the baby green eggplants. I slice them into quarters, but you don’t want them exposed to the air too long, or they get all brown.


Once the chicken is cooked, throw in the eggplant, and add a cup of water. You’ll want to cook it until the eggplant is tender. The recipe on the package says to add chili, sweet basil, and kefir lime leaves, but I always forget to buy those, so I never put them in. It tastes good without them, but adding them brings another flavor dimension. I’m just forgetful and lazy.


Now let me introduce you to a little friend of mine…Konjac noodles! These are one of my favorite discoveries of this year. It’s a low-carb noodle that is derived from the root of the Konjac plant. These noodles are basically calorie-free, carb free, make you feel full and satisfied, and are amazing. They come packaged in water, and have a mild fishy smell (depending on the noodles – I’ve bought really skinny ones, and they had no smell, and then giant ones, and they smelled awful and I had to rinse them multiple times!).

I prefer the skinny ones, and am able to buy them in a single serving pack. They come so prettily packaged, as you can see here:


I untie them, and rinse them off. The single-serve package is maybe a third cup of noodles, but trust me, they will fill you up!

greencurry8Then, I spoon some of the finished green curry onto the noodles, and VOILA! I have an awesome green curry for lunch. It’s amazing, and SO CHEAP.

greencurry10 Lemme break it down: 14 baht for the curry paste, 70 baht for a giant carton of coconut milk, 12 baht for the baby eggplants, 39 baht for the konjac noodles, and 40 baht for the chicken. That all totals up to less than $6 USD, and I have enough for three meals. 😀

Let me tell you the other excellent part: if you’re following the Trim Healthy Mama way of cooking, this is an EXCELLENT “S” meal. Watch your curry pastes carefully to make sure there isn’t any added sugar, but the ones I have found are excellent.

It’s almost embarrassing how easy it is to make such a flavorful dish, but adding Thai food to my cooking arsenal can never hurt, and I’m all for sharing it with you!

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