Settling into a new reality

It’s mind-boggling that I’ve been here for two and a half months already. It really does feel like just yesterday that I left back in December. It feels like forever since I left in December. It feels like I just left the states yesterday. And just the same, it feels like forever ago since I walked through Walmart and ate Chick-fil-a. 

It’s interesting how, when you go through transition a lot, it becomes comfortable. Everything in limbo, uncertainty all around: I’m used to that. I’m good with that. 

It’s realizing that I’m settling into a new normal that is odd to me. I’ve got systems in place; I don’t have to figure out basic survival every day. I get water delivered; I have my budgeting stuff almost figured out, I have internet at my house! It just is all working. 

In the middle of being settled in a new reality comes a fear. Being settled means that I’m not caught in that constant struggle of survival. There’s not a fight for life; I’ve got things “figured out” (I use that term quite loosely, so forgive me). 

My prayer right now is that I don’t settle as I settle. 


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