Finally moved in

Last night, I finally made the transition into my new house. It’s definitely a work in progress – I’m still cleaning cobwebs, dust, and odd things left behind, but it’s slowly becoming a home.

It just baffles my mind, because this is the first time I’ve been able to move into a house of my own. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of being an official adult like buying a refrigerator and washing machine (and getting your credit card turned off in the process). I’m pretty sure my parents would be proud at the cleaning job I’ve been putting the place through, but there’s still a lot to do.

Last night as I sprawled out on a king size (!!!) bed, felt the breeze from the fan gently blowing on me, and listened to the chorus of frogs and bugs singing in the rice field behind my house, I couldn’t sleep from the excitement.

I was home.

New generation

Last night, I went to the market with my friend Duu and Hao to get some fruits and vegetables. Hao still is amazed at how much of the Thai food I eat that most farangs, or white people, refuse to eat.

He peppers me with questions.

“What about durian?”

“What about intestines?”

“What about bugs?”

So like I said, last night, I was at the market with those two, and Duu saw a vendor with bugs. Why I didn’t take a picture, I don’t know (actually, I do know – it was nighttime, and I stink at those kind of pictures!). Duu bought a small plastic bag of silkworms, and handed it to me and Hao.

“Eat,” he urged.

I didn’t wait for a second invitation. Have I also mentioned that I’ll eat basically anything as long as people are watching?

Hao’s eyes got big as I ate a few silkworms and then passed the bag to him. Not to be outdone, he ate a bunch too (he is Asian, by the way, so I imagine that he eats that kind of thing frequently anyway).

It was hilarious – we passed the bag back and forth, eating the silk worms in an odd game of outdoing each other.

(side note: these were actually really good silkworms – I enjoyed eating them, but you could tell there was a lot of butter and seasoning on them – which I’m trying really hard to be good and avoid that kind of thing – butter, not bugs).

Anyway, we pass this vendor, and she looks at me, holding the bag, and makes a comment to the gal next to her…

“Well, we’ve got a new generation of foreigners,” she remarked. “They’re now eating bugs.”

Duu started laughing, as did I. “Tell her you’re not a foreigner,” he said. “Tell her you’re Thai.”

Of course, that was said after we’d passed her and the opportunity was gone, but hey, I take comfort in the fact that some of my Thai friends don’t really see me as a foreigner.

Coffee time

This morning, on my way to the office, I saw a 7-11. Now I love me some 7 (that’s what all the cool kids call it), and I decided to pull over and get me some nuts to eat for lunch (I’m also on a health kick, but more about that later). 

I ended up pulling over in front of a small coffee shop. It was adorable, and I thought, YESSS!!! A nice coffee shop on my way to work! This is the best find EVER! So I ordered their signature iced coffee, and went to 7. I got my stuff, came back, and paid.

That little lady who ran the shop was adorable beyond words. The shop was cute, tiny, and apparently undiscovered. 

Perfection, right?

Well, I took my iced coffee (after paying, of course), and went back to my car. On the way, I took a big swig of the coffee.


That was the nastiest cup of coffee I’ve ever had – ok, I take that back. Second nastiest cup of coffee I’ve ever had (the first was courtesy of South of the Border on I-95).

Three hours later, and it’s still sitting on my desk.

So much for a new find!Image


Broken Radio Silence

I came home from Thailand December 15th, 2012, for about six months. During that time, I completed seminary work, spent time with family, got officially appointed for long-term overseas service, shopped at Walmart until I was about ready to drop, went on a medical missions trip to Guatemala, and then headed back over here to Thailand.

I’ve been over here for a week now, and I can’t even describe how nice it is to be back out here. I’ve remembered just how much I sweat over here. Just how good fresh fruit tastes. Just how beautiful the sound of the Thai language is. The smell of the markets. How good it is to reconnect with friends (and make new ones).

Right now, I’m staying at a guest house while a contract is being worked out for the house where I will live for the next three years. In the mean time, I’m running around making big purchases – a refrigerator, washing machine, water cooler – DISHES!!! It’s all part of that fun process of “nesting” and I really can’t wait to start moving into my house so that I can start taking pictures of all the pretties I have, and start motivating folks to come out and visit. 🙂

Anyway – just wanted to get a post out there. I know that I’ve really not had much lately here, but that should change. At the minimum, I’ll get something out weekly. In the meantime, make sure you follow me on facebook, twitter, and instagram to see cool bits and pieces of my life.