Note to God

Dear God – I have a few thoughts for you today, and I just wanted to write them down for you. Maybe others will appreciate them.

First off, thanks for taking care of me. I’m not really that great of a person, but you show your goodness to me. I suck; you’re awesome. I’m mean, you’re kind. I have no mercy, and yours overflows. I could go on and on talking about how lame I am in comparison to you…

I have a question – can I please marry a musician? I’ve been listening to Mat Kearney on my iPod, and I’m kind of in love. I want to have someone to sing with. If he plays guitar, that would be a huge plus.

Oh – thanks for great friends. I’ve gotten to talk to some of them lately via skype (which I am also thankful for). It’s been good for my spirit.

Give me grace. I’m learning that I’m not liking living alone. Let me cry to you for companionship when I am lonely and battling the blues cause there isn’t someone there to drive me crazy. I kind of like being driven crazy.

Please give me your eyes. I’m not doing too great all the time with seeing people like you do. I’m a selfish person. I want to get my rest. My comforts. My needs and desires. I’m not great at setting them aside.

Let me decrease; so that you can increase in my life.

Thanks for the Bible. It’s been really good to be reading your words. It really blows my mind that I have access to your words.

You know what else blows my mind? Airplanes. I still am amazed every time one rises into the sky. Thanks for giving people the idea and ingenuity to be able to make those.

Thanks for language. I really love getting to speak, read, and write Thai. It’s super awesome.

Thanks for people who call me out. I need it.

Thanks for computers. I know mine is being really dumb right now, and restarting at least three times a day, but I am thankful for it. Thanks for the service it’s given. Thanks for a friend who is going to bring me a new one from the states.

Thanks for parents that I can talk to. I got to talk to my mom about all kinds of stuff the other day. I know we’re all not perfect people, but thanks God, for giving us a good relationship where I can talk to her about basically everything. It was good for my spirit.

Thanks for people who read this kind of stuff. I forget about how awesome my buddies around the world are. Thanks for building up a support group for me to have folks I can call when times are rough.

I could go on. But God, you’re good. And I’m gonna leave it at that.


Your turn: you got anything you want to thank God for? Ask Him about? Share in the comments, you never know when your words will touch someone else!

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