Musical Me

I’m a music addict, and I’m not seeking a cure.

I’ve always been that way.

In first grade, I stalked a kid who played the violin. He brought it to Sunday School and played a song for the class. From that moment, I was his crazy fan girl. I’d hang out with him at every church event. He was homeschooled like me, so we got to see each other at large homeschooled family gatherings (we do that a lot).

Around sixth grade, my family moved away, so I didn’t get to hang out with him any more. But we moved to a place where my besties rivaled the angels in their music making abilities. We’d get together and sing Irish Tenors songs, sitting between two speakers that were bigger than me, our soprano voices blending beautifully with the tenors.

During that time, I also picked up the violin. A friend was gracious enough to have pity on me and passed off her used Yamaha violin. I played that thing till the tips of my fingers were numb. Couldn’t afford lessons, but I was able to saw out some lovely songs. I had aspirations of being the best violinist in the world (look out, Joshua Bell). That didn’t quite happen.

Moved away again, and this time, didn’t have so many musical friends. It’s ok, I listened to tons of music. Alasdair Fraser’s Traditional Gaelic Melody, discovered during this time, still brings me to tears. If you’re brave and want to hear it, click here.

I fiddled around with it in high school (fiddled – haha!), but didn’t do anything too serious. I was only self taught.

Then, in college, I fell back in with my angelic friends. We were in choir together, and sang in spanish, Hebrew, Latin – oh, our choir was heavenly. We also were in musicals – an opera “The Elixir of Love” by Donizetti, and “The Mikado” by Gilbert and Sullivan. I learned a ton about music and singing then…

My junior year, I had one extra credit hour that I could fill with a class. It was going to be a music credit, DUH! Classical guitar was full, so I picked harp.

Oh goodness.

I fell in love.

For the next four semesters, I MADE time to take harp. I scheduled practice time just like it was another class. I firmly believe that having harp therapy kept me sane in the busiest of semesters. That heavenly plink is just….well, wonderful.

I played in Wednesday orchestra, Sunday night orchestra, church specials, whatever they would let me do. I loved playing, and it was the best thing ever …

Then I graduated.

No harp at home, and no idea where I could find one.

So I bought one. I graduated college debt free, and promptly took out a loan to buy a harp. I found a gorgeous Salvi Sinfonietta, and just lovelovelove it. My mom and I road-tripped to North Carolina to pick it up.

Worth every penny

But I’m overseas now, and it sits in my parent’s living room. A new friend is going to go this week and tune it and play it up a little bit, so I am very excited about it…it’s going to get some of the TLC that I can’t give it.

Today though, I found out good news. There’s someone in my city who has several harps. And she knows someone who might be interested in renting theirs out….oh, I just get chills with the possibilities.

That’s my exciting bit for today. I might get to regain my finger callouses…I miss them.

6 thoughts on “Musical Me”

  1. Wonderful story Holly, you should write a children’s story book about music, and its global connection, no matter where you go the language of music is spoken…even if you can’t ask for directions or order some food, you can always jam 🙂

    It is awesome and inspiring to read about your adventures.

    God bless you,
    John S Ince

    1. Thanks, John! Once someone said that “music speaks a beauty that words cannot express.” It’s so universal – I’m learning more and more everyday about unspoken communication and finding bridges all over the place.

      Maybe harp was a bad choice for jamming transportability, but I’ll take advantage of every chance to play! The ukulele is looking more and more cool every day….

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. More to come for sure.

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