Evening at Thousand Friends

Last night was an exciting night at Thousand Friends village. We actually gave the kids cartoonized versions of the old testament. They were so thrilled to receive them that they spent most of their time looking at them rather than listening to the story that we told.

It was a strange night in the village. Esther backed out and was unable to go because she had an appointment with a friend an hour away during the time when we would be at the village. It ended up being a friend and I who went.

This friend has been going with us a few times, and has expressed an interest in being part of the work in the villages. He gets along great with the kids, and some of the boys there just love hanging out with him, so I think that’s a great thing. He’s also an Asian-American, which makes it interesting – I think that some of the kids connect so well with him because he is Asian-American. I’ll have to think on that and if that’s the reason.

Anyway, I have a realistic view on my Thai skillz. They honestly aren’t the best ever – I can get along great, and have elementary conversations. I can follow a good percentage of conversations, but sometimes miss the main point. It just gets lost in a sea of new words sometimes. But that’s just part of learning a new language. It’s all good.

So it was just my friend and I, without a translator. So what we did was use the kids as their own translators. We had a copy of a book with stories, so we had them read in Thai as my friend read in English. That way, we had a Bible lesson as well as the English lesson.

This week’s lesson was important, cause it shows that Jesus has power over evil spirits. It’s about the man with many demons that Jesus casts out, and then the demons possess the pigs, who run off a cliff. Crazy story, but it shows how Jesus has power over spirits.

That’s super important in Thai culture, because most of their lives, Thai people are working to appease phii, or evil spirits. It’s a dominant part of their religion. Everything has a spirit, so they must work hard to appease them. Even my Christian Thai friends deal with the terror of the spirits. They won’t go out at dark, because that is when the phii are loose. It’s a terrible way to live life, and Jesus offers freedom from that fear, because the Holy Spirit is the MOST HIGH SPIRIT.

So this week was important, and I wanted them to GET IT.

Two of the girls helped us. They consulted the lesson book that we had, and worked through our clumsy Thai to make a workable lesson.

I find myself so thankful for grace at times like this. When a thai person can’t go with us, I’ll be honest, I find my heart discouraged and heavy. But God provides. And these two girls are going to know the lesson so much better than they would have if they had just been passively involved, writing down the words we shared.

Pray that the story took root in the kid’s hearts this week, and that they will be reading their Bibles this week. I’m going to be out of town for a week, but I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens!

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