Funny (and real) Conversations, Part 1

So me and my friends have tons of conversations that just make me laugh to think about later. I decided that it might be a good idea to start sharing those with you guys. You might find them as funny as I do, or you might just kind of shake your head and wonder what this world is coming to.

So here goes, funny conversation #1.

Thai friend #1: I’m going to get married next year. I don’t have a boyfriend yet. But I’m going to get married next year.
Me: That’s a problem.
Thai friend #1: I’d better hurry and find one. Can you order me one?
Me: Yes. I will go to mail order christian husbands dot com. Maybe they have a special, so I can get one too. It’s just that easy.


Me: I have a problem. I’m almost 27, and still single! How did that happen?
Thai friend #2: Maybe you should go to a doctor.
Thai friend #2: I don’t know. But maybe you need a doctor.
Thai friend #1: Thai friend #3 is 28 and single too. You’re not the only one.
Thai friend #2: Maybe she should go to the doctor too.


That’s it for today. I just got a good laugh out of those. Still not sure how a doctor could help with singleness….unless, of course, he was single and looking… hahaha. But I don’t think our career paths would quite match up…


I’m in the megacity of Manila right now. I’m chilling in my guest house room, listening to the sound of 18 million people as they live around me. Cars zoom by, karaoke rings in the distance, and loud conversations walk past. It’s a reminder that I live in a mass of humanity.

I’m here on a trip for work, to share what God is doing among the people of Manila. How He speaks through their lives, even when many of these people have nothing. In a city with 18 million, there is a large portion of them that have nothing. They have constructed makeshift homes on unclaimed land and forged a life for themselves there.

Yet many of them have found hope. They found Christ.

Someone came and told them about the goodness of God. They have found amazing things here to be tasted; to be grasped and claimed as their own.

Voices are quick to proclaim the love of Jesus.

18 million.

Storying in the Sauna

I am a huge fan of the storying method of discipleship. Jesus even had a pretty good model of it, telling parables to his followers. I imagine all the people following him, and a hush falling over the crowd as he opened his mouth and began to talk…

Oh to hear Jesus telling those stories…

Anyway, who doesn’t love to hear a good story?

My friend Kor is no different. I have been blessed with the ability to tell stories. I studied speech in college, and while my strength was more in the area of public speaking rather than dramatic narratives, I still have a few skills tucked away. 🙂 One of my favorite things to do when we meet to study is just tell the stories – it’s also good in that it’s so easy to story through the old testament, and give background to the new testament, which is what we are currently studying.

We meet at my house to study the book of Acts. We went through the conversion of Saul (who I kept calling Paul – I finally had to give a story spoiler and told Kor that his name got changed later). We talked about how it was Jesus who talked to Saul (which launched a great discussion on the trinity – try explaining THAT one easily!).

Every week, when we finish, we go do some kind of activity. Normally, that is swimming. But today, when we arrived the pool was green. Turns out, since there’s been so much rain, they dumped a ton of chlorine or something in there to clean it.

We decided to just get in the sauna for a few minutes instead, so we’d get to do something…

… and that was when I discovered that the sauna is a PERFECT place to share stories. We stayed in there for 15 minutes. I talked about the different books in the Bible, and gave background on many of them, and what you could learn from them. I suggested that Kor check out Psalms – and got to tell the story of David and Goliath (which she had never heard before – she’s 28!).

We’ll be meeting every week, so be praying that not only will we get to have a good study time in my apartment, but that through the evening as we hang out, we’ll get to have great “God” conversations.

Good night

So we decided to go to the village, despite the fact that rain didn’t seem to know the meaning of the word “stop.” We’d been told that it wasn’t flooding there, so we’d be fine with getting in and out of the area.

I was particularly excited about this night, because a few friends of mine who work in the area asked about being able to come. They are interested in getting involved in village work, and they wanted to come be a part, and check out what was going on. It’s a man, his wife, and their five year old daughter – something I was greatly excited about coming. I mean, it’s great for the villagers to see what a Christian family looks like.

They can’t learn that kind of thing from me cause … well, I’m single. Apparently, marriage has it’s benefits.

But that’s ok. Being single is great too. 🙂

Anyway, back to the village. My friends came along this week for the first time. We also had another person come – Kim, who is a long term full time missionary in the area. Her and her husband have been working on strategy to reach all the small neighborhoods in this area for Christ, and I’ve been partnering with them to reach this particular village.

This week, I asked Kim if she would be willing to teach (it was her first time in this village), so I could see what she did. She was excited too – and even more excited when she found out that the story was about Jesus calming the wind and the waves. It’s a great story to show the power of Jesus over EVERYTHING.

Kim did a great job telling the story. We had nine kids come this week, and they listened as she shared it. It was good cause they were hearing the story from someone else – and Kim did a good job of reviewing with them as we went through the story.

I was a little sad, because there was one girl who was an incredibly staunch Buddhist, and wanted Kim to know that very clearly. She was a little defensive of her beliefs – which isn’t a bad thing, actually. It means she’s not going to just accept whatever we say, but is going to hopefully think stuff through and be more tenacious in her faith later.

My friends who went were excited about going again. They won’t be able to go every week, but they are definitely interested in being able to come out at least every other week. They also said that they got some good ideas to use for a neighborhood kids club they currently host.

All in all, it was a good night.

Rain, rain, go away

It’s been super rainy, making the entire country fall under a flood warning. We considered cancelling going out to villages tonight, but found out that the roads we would be traveling would be clear, so we’ll be heading out shortly.

Be in prayer that God would protect the people from the flooding – we’ve already heard that flooding has been bad in some nearby areas, actually killing one person in a valley village.