Thousand Friends Update, July 26

Ok, so at this point, we’ve been going to the Thousand Friends village for more than three months. During that time, we have watched it grow.

On our first few weeks there, we only had a few kids. I got excited the week that we first had ten kids. Then, we had a few volunteers who were here from the summer come out with us. They took over the teaching – we teach English using a Bible story. We’ve been going through Creation to Christ, and have passed the part where Christ enters the world.

Each week as we tell the stories, we go through it in English and Thai. Then, we choose about 15 vocabulary words from the story, and review them together. Then, we act out the story. Every week, I have no end of volunteers who want to play the part of Jesus! ­čÖé

We end with a few games, which is fun. They are hard to beat at Simon Says. Red Rover actually works. Elbow tag leaves us all sweaty and giggly. We have great relationships with the kids – they love it when we come.

The past few weeks, since we’ve had a few volunteers joining us, I’ve had the chance to go out and talk to a few of the women in the village. One is very interested in meeting together – not sure where we stand with that right now. She has to work often, and doesn’t have a lot of time. However, we have had time to sit in her house for several weeks, and just chit-chat about life – our families, our work, etc. It’s been really fun, and the good thing about conversations like that is that it shows me that my Thai doesn’t suck as bad as I feel it does.

I’m getting better, really!

As far as 1000 friends village goes, we’re going to keep going and keep teaching. The kids are interested, and we are approaching the point where we’ll be asking the major question –

do you believe?

I don’t know what the answer will be then, but I’m waiting with bated breath for sure.