I worked from home today, uploading files for some friends in the states to be able to use. That meant that I was tucked away in my apartment, away from people, plugging away at the task I had going….

By the time evening came, I was pretty desperate for some company. A few of the other journeygirls and I decided to go out for dinner and to a movie – Gnomio and Juliet. We had a nice dinner, then settled in for the movie. There was almost no one in the theater – maybe 20 of us in all. We were the only people in our row – and for the row in front of and behind us as well.

The movie had to be almost done, when our seats started swaying. Me and T looked at each other – it felt as though someone was trying to pass on the seats behind to get to their seat, and were bumping into our seats, making us sway.

But there was no one there.

We pulled off our 3D glasses and started at each other, uncertain of what to do. One man jumped out of his seat and sprinted to the emergency exit, which he couldn’t get open. He then ran back to the main door, and was so out of there. Most of the other people left – we were still sitting, uncertain of what to do. I mean, the movie was still playing.

We were still swaying, though.

K, one of the journeygirls looked at us. “Just in case,” she said. “I love you guys.” At that time, the place stopped swaying. It stopped for a moment, then started again – but didn’t last long.

Through it all, the movie kept playing.

After a moment, a guy opened a small window from the projector room and yelled “earthquake!” As he did, he shut off the movie. It was strange as we walked out of the theater – no one seemed to be fazed. Everyone was calm. Vendors were packing up, and the mall-goers were heading out. It felt freakishly – normal, actually. We were told that our tickets would be honored if we came back later with them, and we could finish the movie.

When I got back to the House of Jackfruit center, where I live on the 3rd floor, there were a bunch of people there. When I asked if they had felt the earthquake, one was like “Oh that little thing? Yeah. But no big deal.”

I dunno. I can’t say it was no big deal. I can’t even describe the sick, sinking feeling of the sway. Feeling petrified, uncertain if it would be smarter to run for it, or hang out in the theater. Wracking my brain for any useless information I might have picked up during your life on what to do in this situation.

Or even, what was the last thing I said to a particular person.

It’s truly remarkable what the brain can handle in a situation like this.

Tonight, an earthquake hit Myanmar. In my city, we felt the effects of it – they were felt as far down south as Bangkok, which is pretty insane. It’s going to be crazy in the next few days as the damage is assessed. The area affected doesn’t really have a lot of cities. We’re looking at it affecting more small villages. I’ve heard of one death on the border – an older woman who was killed when a wall collapsed.

Definitely PRAY for Myanmar. PRAY for northern Thailand. PRAY for folks affected by the earthquake. PRAY for those for whom it was a lot more than a moment of terror. PRAY for people who live their lives in fear of spirits, who may attribute this to being from a supernatural demonic power. PRAY that people will get their needs met – not just the physical, but their spiritual most of all. PRAY for those who are Christians, who may not have the same community as non-believers to help them recover.

It’s simple – just PRAY.

2 thoughts on “Earthquake”

  1. Thanks for posting, and I am praying. I’ve felt an earthquake before, a couple years ago I woke up to feel the tremors of a minor quake that happened a state or two north of me. It is eery, unsettling, unnerving. Those of us who felt the tremors (I felt like our house was the head in a bobble-head that had just been flicked) were a bit on edge that day. I can’t imagine what it’s like to feel the real thing, to see the damage. All I can think with these earthquakes and wars is “Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly.”

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