Just a few lessons learned in a small village

1. You can never have enough toilet paper.

2. Checkpoint guards will laugh at you when you pull over and ask for the bathroom. However, they will oblige and point you in the right direction.

3.  Those toilets would have made me want to throw up a year ago.

4.  A squattie potty can be a welcome site sometimes.

5.  An entire village can be reduced to tears at the site of a white person attempting to do the chicken dance.

6.  When people don’t speak the same language as you, they speak impossibly fast.

7.  White skin is more pretty in this culture.

8.  Breastfeeding is not discouraged due to modesty in rural Thailand.

9.  There will always be a talker in the crowd during a gospel presentation.

10. Bathing in natural hot springs makes you smell like a boiled egg.

11.  Washing in the nearby icy mountain stream helps the boiled egg smell go away.

12.  What meal is complete without rice?

I’m sure I’ll have quite a few more additions in the future.

1 Jan 2011

I went to get a gift made for a friend as a wedding present. I wanted the last name, Clark, to be written in Thai. I went to a local street vendor who has tons of Thai letters and makes such novelty signs. “I can translate from English to Thai,” he said. “Here, I can show you. See? This is ‘Holly’, like in Hollywood.” My eyes nearely bugged out – “That’s my name!” I said. He grinned. “Really? I didn’t know.”

I took a pic of the paper where he wrote my name as he made the plaque – which hangs in the Clark home right now.