Life in Thai

I live in Thailand, which means that life takes place in Thai. Or, more accurately, ไทย.

Flashcards are a staple here – I partake of them more than I partake of rice, which is hard to imagine. Even now, as I type, I am looking at them. I see the letters I am trying to learn: ก, ป, and even more. They are so different from my fluency in the Roman alphabet.

Language is hard work – takes up a great deal of brain power, and a willingness to look stupid. Thankfully, I am okay with that. It helps to have not too much shame over the fact that whenever I talk, I look and sound like a moron.

“น่ารัก,” they say when I talk. Cute. Wasn’t quite what I was going for, but that’s okay. I’ll go for fluent someday. For now, I’ll be cute.